The organizational structure First Level Health Facilities (PUSKESMAS)

The organizational structure is determined with clarity of duties, authority, responsibilities, work relationship arrangements and position requirements

a) The management structure of the Puskesmas is determined in accordance with statutory provisions and must be organized to achieve the main objectives and activities of the agency.

b) Each position in the established organizational structure must have duties, authority, responsibilities and position requirements. c) Labor relations must be fostered in the established organizational structure.

d) The provision of vacancies in the management structure is carried out in accordance with the needs of the position of director of the Community Health Center through the determination of the PJ for each position.

e) The effectiveness of the structure and provision of positions at community health centers must be evaluated periodically in order to improve the effectiveness of the existing structure and organization so that it can adapt to developments and needs.

f) In carrying out its main functions and activities, the Puskesmas is obliged to follow the management procedures that apply to all workers working at the Puskesmas and are determined by the Director of the Puskesmas. The ethical management system describes the vision, mission, goals and values of the Community Health Center, including its safety culture. Ethical management principles must be applied to all Puskesmas staff. Evaluation of the implementation of the Code of Ethics is carried out at least once a year. Assessment can be carried out using performance assessment methods, such as assessing employee behavior based on values and value-based performance. Based on the results of the review, steps will be taken to better implement personnel policies.

g) As a form of responsibility for providing services at the health center, it is necessary to develop policies and procedures for delegating the authority of the head of the health center regarding the activities and duties of PJs and PJs to services. If there is a vacancy or position that has been determined by the director of the community health center in accordance with the provisions, then the job will move from the service coordinator to the service provider. Delegation of authority is called Management Delegation.

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