Easy access to information about patient rights and obligations, access to delivery of feedback First Level Health Facilities (PUSKESMAS)

 The community as the beneficiary of cross-program & cross-sector services gets easy access to information about patient rights & obligations, types of services, & Puskesmas activities as well as access to services & access to provide feedback

a) As a First Level Community Health Center (FKTP), the Community Health Center is obliged to provide health services in accordance with statutory provisions, taking into account the needs and expectations of the community.

b) If the community needs preventive, promotive, treatment and/or rehabilitation services according to the community's capabilities, then the community must have easy access to the community health center, including information, implementation and services.

c) Patients/service users must be identified and informed about the type of service provided, as well as their rights and obligations based on the provisions of the Law and the implementation schedule. Patients are also informed of their obligations to provide accurate information to staff and respect their rights. A patient is defined as a person, rightly or wrongly, who goes to a health care center because of his or her health condition to receive necessary health services.

d) During treatment, workers must respect the rights of patients. Therefore, all staff must understand the law and practice to comply with the patient's rights and obligations to participate in the care process.

e) So that the services provided by community health centers and their associations are recognized by the community as service users in all necessary programs and sectors, this will strengthen cooperation and mutual support in the implementation of health and other health-related activities. to provide For the purposes of health development, what is meant by service users are people who benefit from health services provided by the government and the private sector.

f) In the desire to participate in services, various communication strategies can be used to communicate with the public, including the use of simple and easy to understand language, the use of information technology that is known to the public and attention. Under current conditions, information can be conveyed through various means of communication known to the public, including billboards, billboards, billboards, telephone, short message service (SMS), email, social media and the internet.

g) Improving the service system and work implementation of the Community Health Center must have a way to receive comments from service users to facilitate access and suggestions for improving services.

h) There is a mechanism for resolving complaints/complaints from service users which is prepared according to established standards and can be accessed by the public. i) Service user satisfaction is the result of service users' opinions and evaluation of the services provided by the Puskesmas, and patient satisfaction is the result of patient opinions and reviews Community Health Center activities. Service user/patient satisfaction can be achieved if the services provided meet or exceed the expectations of service users/patients. Therefore, it is necessary to routinely assess the satisfaction of service users/patients and follow up.

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